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Da Nang – a fantastic city

Da Nang is a coastal city with a 60-km long shoreline. With smooth and sandy beaches running across the coast, Da Nang beach is voted by Forbes (U.S.) to be 1 of 6 most beautiful beaches in the world. Emerge yourself in the sapphire water, play with the waves or just sunbathe on the fine beach and you will get to relax and unwind after a hard working day. What’s more, a selection of beach games are available on your demand: canoing, parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boats, scuba-diving, …

Not only is the city famous for its beaches, Da Nang’s charm also lays in its geographical position: leaning against the majestic Truong Son mountains (or the Annamite Range), as well as having Son Tra Peninsula embracing the sea. Hai Van Pass, shaped by this ideal geographical feature is praised ‘The most marvelous scenery of all’ for having an amazing view overlooking the sea, besides the notorious dangerous curves. Since the opening of Hai Van tunnel (Viet Nam’s longest road tunnel) traffic flow and safety have improved. From then on, Hai Van Pass has become the destination to nature-loving explorers and motorists who dare to challenge themselves on these notorious routes.

Da Nang Tourism

A leading technology and innovation center in Asia.

Recently, People’s Committee of Danang City has just approved the project to build Da Nang into a national innovation startup center in the Middle – Central Highlands region. [1, 2]

Accordingly, the goal by 2030 is to build Da Nang into a national innovation and start-up center in the Middle- Central Highlands region with the stature of Southeast Asia, a modern, developed and prosperous city. By 2045, build Da Nang into a leading technology and innovation center in Asia.

Da Nang, from now to 2025 will gradually improve and develop the innovation startup ecosystem, innovative startup projects, universities, research institutes, investors and agencies relevant state. Develop and issue regulations to encourage and support coordination, association and cooperation among components of the innovation startup ecosystem.

In addition, it will promote the attraction and rapid increase of the number of innovative start-up consultants, especially in key areas, strengths and potentials of the city. Danang. Connect to a network of startup experts with at least 200 members.

In particular, every year, on average, more than 150 innovative start-ups and innovative start-up projects are incubated at incubators and support centers. Formed from 2 to 5 innovative start-ups, innovative startup projects worth about 1 million USD in the city. Danang. Attracting 1-3 world-class technology enterprises, 3-5 leading domestic technology enterprises to invest in research and development activities in Da Nang.

In addition, Da Nang will set up 8-10 business incubators, private start-up support centers or in the form of public-private partnerships; investment capital and innovative start-ups, Da Nang innovation start-up projects reached about 1.1 trillion VND; training human resources for software and digital content to meet the human resource needs in this field is about 46,000 people.

By 2030, Da Nang will upgrade its innovation ecosystem to an international level equivalent to some of the major innovation ecosystems in Southeast Asia, recognized and assessed by international organizations. prices and ratings.

Accordingly, Da Nang will increase 2 times the number of innovative startup consultants compared to 2025. Increase 2 times the number of innovative businesses, innovative start-up projects are nurtured in gardens. Incubation and number of innovative businesses, innovative start-up projects established and operating in Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang compared to 2025. Investment capital of innovative start-ups and innovative start-up projects in Da Nang increased by about 6-7 trillion VND compared to 2025.

At the same time, Da Nang builds a mechanism to encourage the establishment of start-up support funds, attracting 3-5 venture capital funds to set up representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City. Danang; encourage staff, lecturers and students to participate in training on innovative start-ups, aiming at 100% of startup projects having the opportunity to be trained in creative startup courses, gradually bringing education to students. entrepreneurship and creativity to schools in the city. Danang.

To achieve this goal, Da Nang will establish the Da Nang Innovation Startup Support Center on the basis of restructuring the Science and Technology Information Center under the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang operates under the model of a science and technology organization established by the State.

In addition, Da Nang will implement the Da Nang Startup Work and Training Zone project to provide utilities to support and link innovative start-ups and incubate as well as support businesses. start-up businesses and connect and develop the startup ecosystem in the area.

 Investing in Da Nang