2020 – Research grant from University of Economics – Danang University (T2020_04_54) (Principal investigator)

In 2020, I have completed a project funded by the University of Economics – the University of Danang to study the factors affecting the entrepreneurial intention of students at the university, the subject code is T2020_04_54. The products of the project included 3 articles published in specialized journals and international conferences.

research grant DUE defense

2017 - Visiting scholar of Business Department, College of Business, Saint-Ambrose University, United States

Projects for My Students

In 2021, I have some projects to help my students have better academic performance.

One of them that has been receiving positive feedback from learners is the website (the English meaning of this domain name is “knowledge of management”). Through this website, learners can find learning materials related to management studies. In-depth articles and analysis outside the textbook content and teaching slides help learners expand their understanding and apply the knowledge they have learned to solve practical problems.

In addition, each lesson has a knowledge test, students can self-test their knowledge by taking a short quiz. Multiple choice questions will be refreshed everyday to encourage students to review carefully before doing.

The website is also integrated with useful and interesting famous quotes related to the field of management from strategists, managers and researchers to give learners interesting experiences on the sidelines.