Training for Professional Development

Certificate of excellence: (From Researcher Academy / ELSEVIER)

  • Certified Peer Reviewer Course 
  • Fundamentals of peer review
  • Becoming a peer reviewer 
  • Going through peer review 
  • Python with Machine Learning Jobs, Microsoft IT Academy – SDC, The University of Danang (2021)
  • Digital Marketing Specialist – Advanced Program, Microsoft IT Academy – SDC, The University of Danang (2019)
  • Writing and publishing scientific articles in international journals, Workshop organized by Youth Development Science and Technology Center (October, 2019) 
  • How to public a research paper? Workshop of Professor Dr. Po-Ju Chen, The W.A. Franke College of Business, Northern Arizona University Fulbright Scholar (2012 Denmark, 2015 Austria) (March 2019) 
  • Scientific Proposal Writing, Workshop of German Academic Exchange, Service DAAD (September 2018)
  • Overview of productivity and quality – LEAN management, Vietnam Productivity Institute (2017)
  • Auditor internal quality management system ISO 9001 standard, Vietnam Productivity Institute (2017)

Refereed, Archival Publications

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

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